Rome as a Pilgrim

dsc_2834.jpgVatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Rome's four major basilicas:
St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Mary Major and St. John in Lateran.

(not on Sundays)

If you were a pilgrim, then visiting the four major Christian Basilica would be a must. If churches are your thing, this is the city to find them. Visit St. Paul's, St. Mary's, St. John's and St. Peter's. Tour all 4 of these fascinating Basilicas ending with St. Peters Vatican the Sistin Chapel and the Basilica. 

Stop for a quick lunch along the way, as you explore the streets of Ancient Rome on foot as you go. Get a great idea of the history of the city with Gabriella, and visualize the life that was portrayed on these cobblestone streets.

St. Paul's outside the walls was built at the end of the Vth century where the apostol Paul was buried (he was beheaded a few miles away, along the Laurentina way).

St. Mary Major was the first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is one of the very few Roman churches still left inside as they were in early Christianity.

As it is written in Latin on the facade St. John's in Lateran is the "Urbis et Orbis Ecclesiarum Mater et Caput" (mother of all the churches of Rome and of the world). It was the very first Christian church, built by the emperor Costantine on imperial ground and it was the residence of the Popes from the IVth century until the first Jubileum (Holy Year) of the year 1300. We will visit the basilica, the medieval cloister, the first baptistery in history and the "scala santa" (holy stair) said to be the staircase that Jesus climbed to go to be tried by Pilatus in Jerusalem. It is said to have been brought to Rome by St. Elena, the mother of the emperor Costantine. This stair can be climbed only on one's knees and it leads to the "Sancta Sanctorum" (Holy of Holiest), the old private chapel of the Popes with the most precious image of Christ, said to have been made not by human hand ("acherotipa").

Prices do not include meals or entrance fees into museums.
Transportation is included.
Pick- up at your Hotel.

Reservations will be confirmed with payment at the time of booking with check or paypal. Your tour is fully refunded if cancelled 30 days in advance.


FULL Day 9,30-4,30

  • Per Couple 350,00 €
  • 3 people 120,00 € each
  • 4 people 95,00 € each
  • 5 people and more 80,00 € each

gabriella.png Thumbnail"By the way, Gabriella was fantastic. I really enjoyed the tour
with her, and I too highly recommend her. Doumina, you
have an amazing network of the finest people working with
you in every aspect of your business. Thanks again for
Kathy Hill

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