About Me







“…and when you come home, you may still be the same, and yes, you may go back to the same job, but something in your mind will have changed.  And trust me….that changes everything.”

About Me
With nothing but a little Berlitz dictionary and a lot of enthusiasm, I had an idea. To bring authentic and joyful experiences to people traveling to Italy. That was 20 years ago, and slowly, my little idea, “The Enthusiastic Traveler” is continuing to broaden and stretch into new areas that I hope you will find interesting.
From Italy’s cool and elegant North to her bohemian and sunny South, to the shores of the Camargue in the Wild West of France to Spain and Portugal, we are unfolding our wings carefully and methodically, every year. Exploring the culture, the food and the wine of the regions, and the great outdoors in ways that the normal tourist can only dream about.
I have forged long and lasting relationships with the people in my circles of travel. We work together every year, many times a year, and we trust and depend on each other.  My colleagues know what the formula is and together, we deliver it.  They open themselves up and share the country with me and with you, giving you the most original and under-the-radar experiences.   Authentic and fun, where you laugh a lot and learn a lot, too.
The days most rewarding are the ones when my clients come to me and say,
‘WOW! Best Day of my life!”
For 20 years, we have hunted, searched, and “bird-dogged” for you.  I curate and design Itineraries based on what we hunger for, while we are traveling in a country, and that is to feel like you belong.  To feel like a local and to make friends and discover things beyond what you thought possible.  My travel agent will help you with your air which gives me total freedom to design your holiday.  A holiday is a dream come true, and you want it to be fulfilling.   Myself, along with 60 funny and informative guides, who always win your heart, are here to do that!.
Since 2004, when I started The Enthusiastic Traveler, we have expanded not only in Italy but also to the South of France, Spain, and Portugal.  A true testament to my work is my client’s approval and referrals. Especially the ones who travel with me over and over, and request me to take them to other areas has led me to make this evolution out of Italy.
We visit small vineyard estates, stay in beautiful hotels, experience real and authentic people and lifestyles.  We learn to cook regional foods, and understand good wines, and visit the most special sites, in the most beautiful small cities and villages. All the while under-the-radar, relaxing and enjoying “the life” and the holiday you have worked hard to have.
“Enter a Tourist, depart a LOCAL!”
Send us an email to whyman.doumina@gmail.com to get information and itineraries!
Join us soon for one of our adventures, and ask us how, when, and where Join!