Archeological Rome

HALF DAY (not on Mondays)

We will start from the Palatine Hill, the pulsing heart of the Roman Empire, where Romolus founded the city of Rome and where all the emperors lived, from Augustus till after the end of the empire. We will then visit the Roman Forum, the pulsing heart of the Roman Republic, where the Senate met, Julius Caesar was cremated and Antonio pronounced his famous speech, which Shakespeare reported from the old historian Plutarco. Finally we will visit the Flavian Amphitheatre, also known as Colosseum, sitting almost 80,000 spectators. For its inauguration, in the year 80 a.d., the Emperor Titus organized 100 days of celebrations, with “venationes” (combats between beasts and men), and gladiator’s games.

FULL DAY (not on Mondays)

We will include the half day tour of Archealogical Rome with a drive to the nearby Roman town of ‘Ostia Antica” to see Rome’s version of Pompeii. Visiting Ostia is like visiting Tivoli and Hadrian’s villa: a relaxing trip, that takes you away from the noise of Rome. Located very near to the sea, Ostia Antica is a large archeological site that was the harbour city of ancient Rome. Ostia may have been Rome’s first colony, and is considered a ‘Pompeii” of Rome.

You will stop for lunch perhaps before leaving the city, or when you arrive to Ostia. Either way, a real day for Archialogical lovers.

“Ostium” is a latin word that means “mouth”. Ostia, the city at the mouth of the Tiber river, was the ancient port of Rome, founded by Ancus Marcius, one of the of seven kings of Rome in the VII century B.C. We will travel there by local train, 30 minutes, and we will visit the ruins of the old city. We will see the old Thermal baths, the “Palestra” (gym), the fire-fighters head quarters, the theatre, the forum, a Mitreo ( dedicated to the oriental God Mitra, a cult that during the III century A.D. became a very serious contender to Christianity), the ruins of some temples and we will visit the excavations Museum, that holds beautiful statues found locally.

For the full day tour in Ostia we will then go for lunch in the old medieval city (borgo), and then visit the Rocca, the castle of the pope Julius the II, built at the end of the XVth century and the church of St. Aurea where St.Monica died. She was the mother of St. Agostin, one of the four fathers of Christianity, and died here in 387.

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HALF Day 9,30 – 12,30

Per Couple 250,00 €
3 people 90,00 € each
4 people 80,00 € each
5 people and more 60,00 € each
FULL Day 9,30-4,30

Per Couple 350,00 €
3 people 120,00 € each
4 people 95,00 € each

5 people and more 80,00 € each
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