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Near the town of Olevano Romano, you will find one of our Small Vineyard Estates. Only one in this region, Silvestro Ciolli, and Mariano Mampieri grow Cesanese di Olevano Romano Riserva and Cesanese di Olevano Romano. Using only one plant per bottle of wine. To say “a great wine from Lazio” is usually a misnomer. Italy’s greatest city, Roma, may be the center of the Ancient world, but the wines have historically left a lot to be desired. Not anymore. Cesanese, Lazio’s most important grape, is thriving in the hands of Mariano Mampieri, a Roman who believes it can be the “pinot noir” of central Italy. And we think he’s on to something. Spicy peppers, bright pomegranate and currant notes, and fig essence are the hallmark characteristics of Cesanese. Rome’s most important grape varietal, Cesanese, is often thin, a bit astringent. But when in the hands of a master, it’s like a hybrid blend of Pinot Noir and Aglianico — rich, spicy complexion with elegant intensity and expression. It is an utterly stunning wine.

We will enjoy a tour and a tasting of this lovely estate. Interestingly, Compagnia di Ermes gets its name, Ermes, from Hermes, the Roman god. Estate owner Mariano Mampieri found an amazing marble bust of Ermes in their vineyards, dating back to the Roman period, and obviously, the name stuck.

Near to the estate, in the town of Olevano itself is a restarurant and Hotel we think is outstanding! Ristorante Il Boschetto. We will stop here for a bite to eat, before heading back to Roma. Olevano Romano is about 50km east of Rome, and is certainly a good choice for wine. It is famous for the Cesanese..

The town is about 600 meters above sea level, and has many interesting sites to visit after the estate. If you are interested to see a lovely medieval centre with a few churches, and a “palazzo baronale” (old palace) that belonged to the Colonna, and then to the Borghese families. and finally, the last owner, Camillo Borghese, married to Paolina Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, we will take a look after lunch.

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Transportation is included with guide. Pick- up at your Hotel.
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FULL Day 9,30-4,30

Per Couple 450,00 €
3 people 180,00 € each
4 people 125,00 € each
5 people and more 100,00 € each

By the way, Gabriella was fantastic. I really enjoyed the tour
with her, and I too highly recommend her. Doumina, you
have an amazing network of the finest people working with
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Kathy Hill