Etruscan hike in cortona

No one really knows where they came from, or where they disappeared to, but the decline of the Etruscans certainly did not mean the decline of Cortona.

Cortona is one of the oldest cities in Italy.  There are many legends and stories about it’s origin, and the most popular says that Dardano of Troy was the founder.  The importance of the city is best told through one famous local quote, “Cortona, the Grandmother of Rome….”

Cortona was a Fortified town founded by the Umbrians almost 3000 years ago. The Umbrians, together with the Oscans and the  Faliscans,  settled in a  large area in central Italy. Later Cortona became a very important and prosperous town, between the VIII and VII Cen B.C. Cortona was, in fact, one of  the 12 Lucumonies – a sort of Etruscan federation – togheter with Arezzo, Caere, Chiusi, Perugia, Populonia, Roselle, Tarquinia, Vetulonia, Volsini, Volterra and Vulci.

Cortona is a town brimming with riches. The Etruscans left us many artifacts that show their prosperity in Cortona, such as the large and impressive wall that measures over 2,280 meters that circles the town, and the tombs in the surrounding countryside.  The incredible amount of  archeological treasures, bronzes, and jewels that are kept in the Museo dell’ Accademia Etrusca in the center of Cortona.  The bronze Etruscan lamp makes this one of the richest museums in Cortona.

Walk with the Etruscans and picnic in the woods with delicacies from the region and Prosecco to enjoy.  Stefania will start the tour at Piazza Garibaldi, the main piazza in Cortona where the views of the Val d’Chiana are breathtaking.  Then off  to the beautiful and recently uncovered Etruscan Tomba, the Etruscan Staircase, as well as two other tombs in the area.   Then take a hike up into the mountain of the Monastery of St. Francis.  Le Celle, sits peacefully in the forest, and still today is the home for many a friar and pilgrim.  The place is magical and you will have a 4-course gourmet lunch, that may be your best meal in Tuscany, under an olive tree in this peaceful and tranquil setting with a sparkling glass of Italian Prosecco, while Stefania tells you the story of St. Francis and Le Celle.

Full Day

After lunch, walk into the center of Cortona, and a tour through the Etruscan Museum, shows you many of these treasures and finishes your tour.   You can spend what is left of the afternoon lingering in the center, or window shopping, and Stefania will leave you back at the Piazza Garibaldi at the end of the tour.

Prices do not include entrance fees into museums, if applicable
or the 4-course Gourmet picnic lunch at the Monastery 25 Euro each.
Transportation is included.
Pick- up at your Hotel/or in Piazza Garibaldi.

Reservations will be confirmed with payment at the time of booking with check or paypal. Your tour is fully refunded if cancelled 30 days in advance.

HALF Day 9,30 – 12,30

  • Per Couple 230,00 €
  • 3 people 80,00 € each
  • 4 people 70,00 € each
  • 5 people and more 50,00 € each

FULL Day 9,30-4,30

    • Per Couple 300,00 €
    • 3 people 105,00 € each
    • 4 people 85,00 € each
    • 5 people and more 65,00 € each

“Stefania is so sweet, and accommodating. For someone who is so down to earth and relaxed, she is very knowledgeable, and her knowledge spills forth in the nicest way! We thought our picnic lunch was the best meal we had in Tuscany, and when Father Franco joined us we were simply overwhelmed.”